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Thursday, 24 June 2021


The last few weeks were epic! So much sun and so much fun. We maximised our time outdoors and of course we had to do a picnic in the park

It's also a National Picnic Week, so here are few tips from me in collaboration with CHILDRENSALON

What is the key to a good picnic?

Good company is number one

Set up in the shade. I see loads of people going for the sunny spot but I'd recommend the shade under the tree. You can always dip in and out of the sun, but keep the base in the shade. Also remember to take a tray - it will keep your drinks safe and stable. For extra comfort bring some flat cushions to sit on

Food & Drink don't over do it, keep it simple and choose something that's easy to transport. This time we went for some plain croissants & cheese to spread. Fruit and berries is a must, but avoid too many soft berries. Hard fruit like apples, pears and apricots will keep their appeal in the heat. For drinks we prefer loads of still water, but you can always add a drop of cordial. If you are in a public park there is normally always an ice cream van handy

Elevate and keep it Sustainable by substituting single use plates, cutlery, cups for your regular dining accessories. I transport them in my picnic basket, covering them with towels and cotton napkins. It  might add a little bit of extra weight but it's so worth it!

Games & Books depending if you wish to have an active or quiet time. For me a picnic is more than just food, it's the quality of time you spend outdoors. For family picnics we bring a football, simple card games and a frisbee. 

Comfortable and appropriate clothes to sit and play around. These two are fans of everything colourful by Ralph Lauren. Gareth picked a cotton pink polo and Katerina went for a stripy shirt dress. And, of course, a pair of white trainers!

Leave the place cleaner than you found it. Make sure you collect all of your personal leftovers and waste, but also don't be shy to pick up litter if you see it. I feel like it should be done without saying, but we all saw the states of public parks after the heat wave

I'm hoping for more warm sunny days and fingers crossed more picnics like this!

Katerina is wearing a total look by CHILDRENSALON

Dress - Ralph Lauren

Trainers - Ralph Lauren