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Saturday, 6 March 2021

National Dress Day with CHILDRENSALON

      Today, on the 6th of March, we are celebrating National Dress Day with CHILDRENSALON

Me and Katerina selected our Top-10 dresses for different occasions.

Jumper dresses, shirt dresses and funky dresses are asking for a pair of cool trainers to go with them. I see Katerina running through the park, scooting along wavy paths and going on adventures wearing these 3 dresses. 

1. Yellow polo dress for girls by Polo Ralph Lauren.  
2. Black dress with a rocket appliqué by Wauw Capow by Bangbang. 

For a tea party in the garden or a day out with mummy, the next three dresses are the definition of cuteness. They are smart, but playful and can really show a girl's character.

4. White dress with a butterflies print by Stella McCartney 

The next three dresses are for special occasions. Katerina is turning 8 in April and I'm glad I managed to narrow down  the search to these three beauties. 

8. Yellow dress with a bow by Abel & Lula

And my number 10 is this Childrensalon dress made in lightweight, white crêpe, with a beautiful pink and green rose pattern. Floaty and loose, it has a large bow on the front secured with poppers and a lightweight cotton lining for comfort.
You can watch our style video featuring this dress on my Instagram page (@galinathomas).

And last, but not least, let me share the adorable pink shoes she wore to match the dress. They are made of pink patented leather by Children's Classics.


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