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Thursday, 24 September 2020

Look of the Day: Caramel


Galina Thomas london fashion blogger

Cape - REPEAT Cashmere / Top - Reiss / Trousers - Reiss / Shoes - Christian Louboutin / Bag - Chanel

EN: This year is teaching us patience. As you know I was discharged from the hospital with no reasonable explanation, further actions or check ups. After endless phone calls I managed to get a date for 'second opinion' with a Doctor I trust. But it's not till November, so it's 2 moths away.

Now I wonder if it's time to have gel nails again :) It's the least of my problems but it can be solved soooo easy. I was asked to remove my gel manicure for the operation which never happened. So for the last 6 moths I had to do my manicure at home and to be honest I'm not a fan of doing it myself! You are going to laugh, but the main reason I want my nails professionally done is because I don't want to damage my tights and knitwear with accidental pulls from chipped vanish or sharp nails.

And talking about my style, I feel like it goes through more transformations! I'm dreaming of monochrome earth colours. This look combines all the shades of camel and caramel and I just love how it feels and looks.

My new beautiful cape is from REPEAT Cashmere. I fell in love with its colour scheme and geometric pattern but when I've put it on I became speechless. It's soft like a cloud, it hugs you with the warmest feeling. No wonder why, it's made of the best quality wool and cashmere!

By the way, it's not that difficult to look after it. Few years ago I got a special wool/cashmere wash and a special comb to take the best care of it.

Galina Thomas london fashion blogger

Galina Thomas London Fashion Blogger

Galina Thomas London Fashion Blogger

Galina Thomas London Fashion Blogger

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Family Look: Emerald Green


Galina Thomas and Katerina Thomas
Me: dress - Reiss / shoes - Casadei / bag - Florian of London

Katerina: dress - Love by Iris / shoes - Age of Innocence 

EN: It's been nearly a month since Katerina went back to school. Everything has changed, no parents are allowed on school territory, just up to the school gate and off they go. We used to have face to face conversations/meetings with teachers but all of it was moved online. Inside the school things are less or more normal so kids don't have too much stress but I do miss watching her on the playground running around with her peers.

The main thing she is still unconditionally happy. It sounds like she settled in the new class and likes her new teacher. I'm really looking forward to our 'start of the year' talk over zoom with our new teacher to listen to her perspective.

Students at Year 3 are getting a better variety of after school clubs so Katerina has restarted her piano lessons. Virus and summer holidays set her back a little bit, but it's good to go over and refresh what she learnt last year.

I have to admit, I started missing dressing up for events and theatres. It doesn't look we are going to have our normality back any time soon so dressing up for "no particular reason" is my new moto for now. 

family look

Galina Thomas and Katerina Thomas

Katerina Thomas

Galina Thomas and katerina Thomas

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Travel: Bath, Somerset, UK

EN: Girls Staycation in the most elegant city in the United Kingdom: Bath, Somerset.

I have to pinch myself looking through these photos. This sublime hotel was ours even if just for one night!
Luckily me and Susan really quickly agreed on what hotel to book. Both of us searched  independently for places to stay and we narrowed it down to two, but No. 15 Great Pulteney was our absolute favourite, an vivacious luxury hotel on the very grandest street in Bath. 

It's only a 1.5 hour drive from Birmingham, but we got a bit unlucky on the motorway and got stuck in the traffic because of an accident ahead. It did complicate things a bit, like us not arriving on time for our Afternoon Tea booking in the hotel, but the friendly and understanding members of the team assured us we'd still get the best experience. 

Afternoon Tea in the Sitting Room. It's faithful to the classic, albeit with a few surprises.

Served in both The Sitting Room and The Dispensary, we’re staying faithful to the classics in many respects, with delicate sandwiches, glorious cakes and warm scones with clotted cream and homemade jam, while there are also a few smile-inducing flavour pairings in the mix. Meticulously-matched tea, of course, is central to the offering, though we do also highly recommend a glass of our AR Lenoble champagne.

 I've been in the Sitting Room before, so I asked for my favourite spot: a table in the corner by the window. I think the light from the window elevates your whole experience. When the light shines on the table you can see the jewellery under the glass light up and cast rainbow shades. 

The Room Tour

We stayed in the House Deluxe Twin Room. 

All of our Coach House Deluxe Double rooms are individually designed in muted shades from pale lemon to light grey, accented with bright pops of colour and playful pieces of art. Each features a supremely comfortable king-size bed and has views out towards the main house of the hotel or Henrietta Park.

Bathrooms with one-of-a-kind tiling, tall hand basins from Mandarin Stone and rain showers, or rain showers and baths, with Aromatherapy Associates amenities, instil a feeling of luxury, while you'll also find feature lighting which you can tailor to your mood.

Set back from the main house, and to be found right next door to the park, the Coach House is immediately recognisable with its mock Gothic-fa├žade, crenelated parapet and quatrefoil windows.

Because we arrived quite late, we were a little bit rushed for time so we skipped checking in and went to explore Bath as soon as we finished our Afternoon Tea. But I can reassure you we were really impressed when we saw our splendid room for the first time late in the evening. It was such a joy to put slippers and a cosy white dressing gown on after a long hot day!

There were little touches which elevated my mood, like complimentary fresh mini bottles of milk to put in your tea, a wonderful selection of sweets and ice-creams or a cold bottle of still water next to a crystal glass with a delicate pattern.

I wish I had a chance to capture our room when we just arrived, all freshly done and ready for us, but as I said we were very late checking in so I had to improvise in the morning before breakfast.

Oh, I had to photograph my stunning perfume 'The Favourite' by Penhaligon's London as it fully complimented the luxurious interior of our room. 

Knowing our host's conspicuous creativity we had no choice but indulge ourselves for breakfast in the hotel. So we've started our day in this demure dining room filled with soft morning light.
Both of us went for a vegetarian Full English Breakfast. You can't go wrong with it as breakfast is the main meal of the day. 

Thank you No. 15 Great Pulteney for a great stay!

Friday, 4 September 2020

Look of the Day: New Beginnings

EN: My heart just started beating a bit faster. It feels final now, I said 'goodbye' but it isn't feeling any easier. I need to detach my feelings and step out of my comfort zone. I opened and updated my CV for the first time in years and filled in the first job application. I don't know yet what my journey is going to be but I'm feeling positive (a bit sad, but positive).

I'm constantly checking weather forecast, trying to fit things in before cold autumn approaches. Despite having a wonderful warm spring and summer it just never lasts long enough. I'm trying to grab the last rays of sunshine. I never felt so desperate because I always knew we would go somewhere warm in October or November. But this year is different, we all know it.

Enough of nostalgia let's talk fashion. Looking back on these photos, I smile. That day was filled with good food! All 3 of us enjoyed Russian cuisine and cosy atmosphere in one of the best restaurants in Knightsbridge. 
I wore a shirt dress, my new obsession. Love by Iris fits so well with my style and I couldn't choose what dress to order next. My choice fell on this gorgeous cotton dress in pastel colours, everything is perfect about it, the midi length of the skirt, 3/4 sleeves, design, style, fabric mmm It's just pure joy to wear it. And my new Jimmy Choos blended in very well, pastel mint colour looks so great with lilac!


Thursday, 3 September 2020

Look of the Day: The Rose Garden

Galina: Dress - Reiss / Shoes - Ted Baker / Bag - Aspinal of London (similar
Katerina: Dress - Eirene (similar) / Shoes - Age of Innocence 

EN: Today is the last day of summer holidays, Katerina is back to school tomorrow! Year 3! Where does the time go?

We've spent the last week in London, visiting museums and enjoying sunny days.

Although I've lost my job during the pandemic , I probably got the best possible outcome in this situation. I've spent all this time with my family which was some sort of a problem before. When Katerina turned 3 I thought I was ready for a full time job and when I got it I've realised how much I miss out on, like spending quality time with her after school, dropping her off on important days, all sorts of school plays and sports days. I got to the point when I was literally crying when my job couldn't approve my leave on day when she had her Christmas play. All these things are in the past now, I moved to part time position and made clear that family matters come first. 

This lockdown blessed me with all the time in the world to spend with Katerina and Gareth. And I think we had the best summer ever! It was a joy to round it up in London, visiting our favourite spots and new exhibitions. We had the sweetest moments in The Ivy Cafe Marylebone and Katerina calling it 'The Best place in town' :) Roses, outdoor seating, strawberry sundae and all things pretty.

September is a new Chapter