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Thursday, 16 April 2020

Family Look: No Ordinary Lockdown

EN: I've been reading some articles on how to use your home space wisely during the lockdown and it made me very happy that I've already been doing it intuitively. Our lovely three bedroom house and a small garden turned out to be plenty to keep us sane.

Today I would love to share something me and Katerina enjoyed doing the most whilst being at home in quarantine.

First of all we moved the furniture around in our living room, made it look a little bit different and changed up few accessories like cushions and candles. We also added a few more flowers and plants than usual.

Ever since we went for a 'Mummy and Daughter Spa' last year Katerina's been asking me to do it again. But, if you can't go to a spa, have a spa day at home!

Thanks to Ted Baker I've managed to create a little sanctuary. I put out a diffuser and candles to fill the room with a pleasant scent, got our creams and oils ready, then put on some relaxing tunes and invited Katerina to Mummy's Spa after she'd had a bath :)

It went so well that I'm doing it again on her Birthday! Which is literally around the corner! I think I'll also make a fresh face mask for her, do a full body massage and ask Gareth to make us a light lunch ... and do manicure and pedicure as well! 

Because I'm in charge of keeping Katerina's Spa day on point I opted for loungewear rather than a bath robe. I'm loving my new sweatshirt with geometric print of an elephant! And my joggers are just so light and comfy! I want to wear them everywhere, but for now I'm keeping them off the streets and only wear them at home. Ted's gorgeous loungewear saved me from staying in my PJs all day long :) 

I really hope you got inspired by our pamper day and bring this idea to your home xx

{ collaboration with Ted Baker }

Monday, 6 April 2020

My Shopping with JOHN LEWIS

EN: As many of you might know, I've been working at John Lewis for 2.5 years. Few weeks ago we had to close all our 50 stores due to Corona Virus situation. Loads of our partners were able to volunteer in Waitrose to help them out with an increased volume of food shoppers. Sadly because of my current health situation I am not one of them. Although I desperately want to help and at the moment this is the only way I know how.

It's my pleasure to share with you what I've recently bought from John Lewis myself. I honestly think it's one of the best online shopping platforms for many reasons. It covers everything from Beauty, to Fashion, from Home to Electrical. John Lewis also is proudly Price Matching all competitor's prices on the high street, meaning if a certain brand has a promotion on, John Lewis lows the price down straight away. So you don't need to worry that you miss out on something.

Delivery is something I'm proud about too. It's a free next delivery if you are happy to pick up your parcel from the nearest John Lewis or Waitrose (just Waitrose at the moment), or free home delivery on orders over £50

First section I'd love to cover is HOME. We've been locked down inside our houses but to be honest I love my house so it doesn't bother me being indoors most of the time. So here I'm sharing what I got to make me feel extra special when spending time at home. These items are not a necessity,  they are more like indulgence.

1. White Table Tray - Breakfast in bed? Yes, please! Especially now when we are not in a rush
2. White Cotton Bath Robe - Makes me feel like I'm enjoying a SPA day in a luxury hotel.
3. Silk Pillow Case - Silk is beneficial for your face and hair. Perfect component for a beauty sleep

Second section is my shopping. Guilty af! But everything is on Price Match in my defence.

1. Reiss Gold Cami Top - As you can see I got 2 different cami tops. They just work so well for my wardrobe.
2. Ted Baker White Trainers - Ted's trainers are the most comfortable smart trainers I ever had, so every other season I order a new pair.
3. Reiss Silver Knitted Top - Looks amazing with high waisted skirts, shorts, trousers.

This is what I got for Katerina for everyday use. Kids grow too fast, none of the shoes and clothes from last year fit her. So I've bought few essentials for her.
1. Joules T-shirt - As I said John Lewis has loads of amazing brands and joules is one of them. Very modestly priced but of high quality and natural fabrics.
2. Joules Pink Shorts - She wears them around the house, guess you saw them a lot on insta stories.
3. Boden stripy top with flamingos - Boden is another fantastic British brand which is great for everyday wear.
4. Blue and Silver Trainers - John Lewis also has it's own brand. Again, it combines quality and modest price. The colour of these trainers is amazing, your little one will love it!
5. White cotton Bath Robe for children - One for mummy, one for baby :) Normally I buy her bath robes from the White Company but her size is currently out of stock so I went with John Lewis own brand knowing that the quality is going to be great.
6. Slip on Rainbow Shoes - Slip ons are just so easy to put on! So I got a second pair of everyday shoes because John Lewis has a generous 30% off on loads of kids stuff. Everything I got for Katerina was on promotion.

And the last one is for Gareth
After nearly 10 years together I finally realised that if I want him to look how I want, I just need to buy clothes for him myself. He hates shopping for himself so for the last year I've been buying things for him, letting him to try it at home in his own comfort zone and if he likes it - we keep it, if not - I do the refund. So here's what I chose for him this season.
1. Ted Baker grey t-shirt with pink flamingos - For some reason we always thought that Ted is not cut for Gareth's body type but it actually fits him very well.
2. Ted Baker white leather trainers - I convinced Gareth that Ted is doing really comfy shoes. Few moths ago we had a small training session at John lewis learning what Ted does to make shoes comfy.
3. Ted Baker t-shirt with parrots - He just loves t-shirts. I love him wearing shirts and polos. So occasionally I give in and buy a t-shirt for him, but it has to be stylish. Just like this one :)