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Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Look of the Day: I'm back

Jumper - CHICWISH / Trousers - Reiss / Shoes - Casadei / Bag- Florian London 

EN: Hello my first blog post this year! Long time no see. It's actually has been 2 months. And I missed you like crazy.

Today is the first time in 2 months I opened my beloved MacBook and found out that touch pad isn't working, it looks like somebody stepped on it :( So I need to take it to be repaired. It didn't stop me from writing this post, more complicated - yes, still possible - yes!

The reason of ,y long absence as many of you know is my lung problem. I was treated for chest infection and pneumonia, sadly I got badly effected by complications and now I'm awaiting my operation on the lung. Touch wood it will happen soon and goes well.
Fun Fact: my surgeon middle name is Angel :)

Anyway, I soaked in misery long enough. So whilst I'm feeling a little bit better I decided to take a trip to London to enjoy myself, walk my favourite streets and eat in my favourite places. So obviously I need up on King's Road in Chelsea by Peggy Porschen and the Ivy Chelsea Garden. Sorry not Sorry.

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