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Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Look of the Day: I know you love me

Dress - CHICWISH / Shoes - Casadei / Bag - Florian London

EN: I never knew my Mac Book can work without a battery but here we are :)
I don't even know where to start. Originally I thought that my daughter accidentally stepped on my Mac but it turned out it wasn't her fault (and I'm glad we believed her). My battery got swollen just because it's old. Although I never saw my Mac as something old, I never over used it and it looks just like any other Mac. Apple Store wouldn't take it to fix it because apparently they don't have parts for it anymore (like it's something retro urgh). The best they could do for me is to take the battery out and safely dispose it.

I'm still writing this blogpost using my old friend. It just needs to be constantly be plugged it to power source. Which is not ideal but I can live with it for now and sort it out as soon as I get over this shit storm.

I know my text isn't corresponding with pictures, sorry about that. And my pictures aren't corresponding with my actual health. I feel just like my Mac, swollen and awaiting stuff to be removed out of me.

And as I wrote many times ... Keep calm and carry on.
By the way, there is a beautiful coffee shop just few meters away from Maddox Gallery. Pop in when you walk past, they do great coffee and food.

Talking about the dress I chose, it's a dream! Another stunning addition to my wardrobe! I make sure it stays with me for many years to come. 

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Look of the Day: Will you be my Valentine?

Dress - CHICWISH / Shoes and Bag - Dolce & Gabbana

EN: I love these photos so much! They just turned out perfect the way I dreamed. But everything behind the scene was hilarious.

We got to Hedonism Wines at 9.30am and there were no installations, no cute bench with cupids, no cute bike with love letters ... I checked the opening times (apparently 10am) and decided to come back later after the opening, hoping that the shop is going to bring out cute decor I saw on social media.

We decided to for coffee to Marchesi 1824. It was an interesting experience watching locals making the orders. Jesus they are so complicated and demanding. Americano with an extra shot, warm milk on the side, hot water on the side, half shot cappuccino, each pastry in a different bag ... I swear, as soon as we finished coffee and pastry I ran away. Not my kind of crowed.

After the breakfast we went back to Hedonism Wines and whilst we were approaching we saw some bloggers already taking pictures. Cool, pretty decor is out, like minded people enjoying what they are doing ... or not. I was really surprised how gloomy other bloggers were. Why? Just why?

I don't think I'll ever find answers to my questions. All that mattered at that moment is my patient husband, the dress I loved and my ideas coming a reality. Oh and watch out for the first selfie on my Instagram feed :)) 

And also here's few words of appreciation to my dress from Chicwish . It's just perfect. Love everything about, especially the colour. I'm sure you will see many photos of me in it. Who wants to invite me for an event?

Look of the Day: I'm back

Jumper - CHICWISH / Trousers - Reiss / Shoes - Casadei / Bag- Florian London 

EN: Hello my first blog post this year! Long time no see. It's actually has been 2 months. And I missed you like crazy.

Today is the first time in 2 months I opened my beloved MacBook and found out that touch pad isn't working, it looks like somebody stepped on it :( So I need to take it to be repaired. It didn't stop me from writing this post, more complicated - yes, still possible - yes!

The reason of ,y long absence as many of you know is my lung problem. I was treated for chest infection and pneumonia, sadly I got badly effected by complications and now I'm awaiting my operation on the lung. Touch wood it will happen soon and goes well.
Fun Fact: my surgeon middle name is Angel :)

Anyway, I soaked in misery long enough. So whilst I'm feeling a little bit better I decided to take a trip to London to enjoy myself, walk my favourite streets and eat in my favourite places. So obviously I need up on King's Road in Chelsea by Peggy Porschen and the Ivy Chelsea Garden. Sorry not Sorry.

Valentine's Day with Ted Baker

valentines luxury gift ideas

EN: Valentine's Day is just around the corner but I'd love to remind you that we can treat our loved ones any day of the year!
I love receiving presents, I'm not an exception :) So I was over the moon happy when Ted Baker sent me a surprise Valentine's present. I knew that whatever was inside the box would be tasteful and high quality. I can't even describe the joy of opening the box when you know you won't be disappointed. Ted gifted me a jewellery case in soft pink colour and it's just perfect for when you go away! The second present was a manicure set. Ohhh myyyy God why I haven't seen it before?! As soon as you take it in her hands you don't want to let it go.

Treat your loved ones and treat yourself xxx

valentines luxury gift ideas

valentines luxury gift ideas