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Sunday, 27 October 2019

Look of the Day: Polka Dot

Skirt - CHICWISH / Corset - Karen Millen / Jacket - Shopbop / Shoes - Christian Louboutin / Bag - Chanel 

EN: My favourite compliment isn't related to my face, it's about the softness of my hands. I think it comes from my childhood when I was closing my eyes and my mum was stroking my face and hair. I swear it's the best feeling in the world - feeling mum's soft hands. And this is exactly what I want Katerina to remember about me, the softness of my hands. It's actually not very difficult to achieve. Use the gloves when you are washing up dishes or ask your husband to do it instead, keep a good level of hydration and always use hand cream. I always use all sorts of body oils after having a shower, I apply it first and last thing of the day, I also always cary a small cream tab so I can use it during the day. It's my obsession but it's not a bad one.
And all of the above was to remind you that your legs are just as important as your hands. Lotions, creams and oils is a must! I think you will agree that it's an important component of a good looking lady.

In-between cream applications I enjoy the last warm days in the UK. Next time I'm going to wear boots instead of my favourite court shoes. I know that this elegant skirt is going to look fabulous with sweaters and tall boots and it's going to be a lovely addition to all my autumn, winter, spring and summer looks :)) Very versatile, like a fashion chameleon!

Look of the Day: Minimalism or Not

Dress - CHICWISH / Shoes - Christian Louboutin / Scarf - Versace / Bag - Chanel

EN: I've watched a short documentary on Netflix called "Minimalist'. I am not to be called one and I the main characters in this documentary weren't very charismatic or convincing but I still found it really interesting. The main idea of this documentary was to point out that we can't stop buying things, we buy at least 1 fashion item a week and our houses turn into dumpsters. And the main problem is we don't experience joy when we get what we thought we wanted.

I really get it, I work in retail and sometimes I want to reject selling things to certain people. I don't want to sell things to them because they don't take time to think, they are in a rush and they don't enjoy the process of choosing and the result of getting the item.

I am not against buying things we want (not the things we need), but we should make the most out of it. Don't buy something if you don't know what to wear it with, don't buy something you can only wear once, don't buy something of poor quality. Invest in something what compliments and brings something different to your wardrobe, buy something you can style few different ways for different occasions, buy something what's going to last and mainly look after it! Buy something what makes you happy and excited!

I love getting a new knit dress every season. Something you can wear with court shoes and tall boots, something soft and warm, something timeless but with a twist. This dress from Chicwish has it all. If you watch my stories on Instagram, you saw how well it goes with my tall nude boots. Bring it all autumn! 

Shopbop Wishlist, November

EN: Today I'd love to start my Shopbop Wishlist a little bit different. I've noticed that some people who try really hard to look their best in public have very messy rooms, worn out underwear and chaos in personal hygiene shelves. But I'm not here to judge, I just want to remind you that self love is very important and it's also very important the way you treat yourself when no one can see you, at home. That is why the first 3 items I would like to share you are made for you feeling your best at home.

P.S. I was checking 'new in' in Shopbop and I found MY reusable coffee cup! At the start of this year I promised myself not to use take away cups in coffee shops. So I've done my research and this is the exact cup I'm using since January this year.

RU: Занимательная несостыковка. Я неоднократно замечала, что люди, которые стараются выглядеть на 100% в обществе, часто живут в полном бардаке, их нижнее белье весьма заношено, а на полках со средствами личной гигиены полный хаос. Но я ведь здесь пишу ни ради осуждения, а лишь хочу напомнить на сколько важна любовь к себе. А любовь к себе начинается дома, в месте, где вас никто не видит, где вы наедине с собой. Поэтому свою подборку вещей я начала с домашних приятностей.

A ещё я очень хочу поделиться с вами моим стаканом для кофе. Вместо того что бы брать одноразовый стаканчик в кофейне, я всегда ношу с собой многоразовый стакан для кофе. Своим я пользуюсь с начала этого года, и вот точно такой же стакан можно заказать на сайте ШопБоп

1. Розовая шёлковая маска для сна - Slip
2. Комбинация из шёлка - Only Hearts
3. Валик из розового кварца - Kitsch 

4. Мини сумка цвета слоновой кости - Marc Jacobs
5. Платье - рубашка с запахом - Off White
6. Кожаные туфли без задников - Jaggar

7. Серьги гвоздики в форме сердца - BaubleBar
8. Изумрудное платье - Reformation 
9. Золотые туфли с узлом - Loeffler Randall 

Saturday, 19 October 2019

Look of the Day: Pumpkin

Dress - CHICWISH / Bag - Florian London / Shoes - Casadei / Jacket - Shopbop

EN: 19 of October, I can say that I am truly happy and I have everything I ever wished for. It's not much but it's plenty for my soul.

I work to live and I don't live to work. Not many employers would appreciate that position but they must accept it. I am not a sadist and I don't do more than I can take. If I feel tired, I'll go to sleep in the middle of afternoon, if I feel ill, I'll call in sick, if I am frustrated I am not going to pretend and hide my emotions. If I do otherwise I'll harm myself physically and mentally and NO JOB deserves this sacrifice. Put yourself first, your life balance first, your priorities first.

I've been fortunate enough to walk out of jobs when people made them unbearable. And I've been fortunate enough to never look back or question my decisions.

Phew, it's irrelevant to the start of my post but I just had to take it off my chest. It's easy to guess that I am fully happy in on aspect of my life. But after spitting it out here I am happy to realise that whatever I thought was a problem - is literally nothing. Just meaningless and doesn't deserve me thinking about it again :)

So here I am, in London, with my mega supportive husband. We got up really early to give our day a head start, made all my plans to come trues, went to all the planned meetings and appointments ... but mainly we enjoyed each others company <3

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Look of the day: The Kiss of Freedom

Jumper - CHICWISH / Trousers - Reiss / Shoes - Hobbs / Bag - Dior 

EN: The Kiss of Freedom. I saw this mosaic so many times but I never put an actual meaning to it ... till I saw it in person.

But first of all I'm so grateful for my ability to travel, visit new places, experience new cultures, learn in person about the greatest artist and just  comfortably live in a different city or country.

My second trip to  Barcelona was incredible. Me and Gareth have been there before and the first time we've visited every major landmark and all things touristy. This time we chilled, walked many miles, ate in the best places, saw the best views. It's a totally different perspective when you don't have an alarm on, when you don't stand in the queues, when you don't rush.

We were absolutely blessed with weather in October. Just nice cloudy warm weather. Perfect for ballet shoes, jumper and trousers. Nor cold not hot, just pleasant.
And my lilac CHICWISH jumper was a perfect companion in Barcelona. This colour was made for this city!

Thursday, 3 October 2019

ShopBop: October Wishlist

EN: There is nothing better than watching documentary on mega talented Zac Posen and putting this October wishlist together.

RU: Даже самый неудачный день можно закончить хорошо :) Бокальчик вина, отличный документальный фильм про Зак Позена и макбук под рукой. Под конец вечера сложился вот такой вишлист. С долькой романтизма, с кусочком озорства и с капелькой свободы.

1. Овальные серьги с искусственным жемчугом - Anton Heunis
2. Мини платье из гипюра с цветочным принтом - Self Portrait
3. Чёрные лаковые туфли с золотым каблуком - Salvatore Ferragamo

4. Сумка ридикюль - Gu_De
5. Бежевый свитер - A.L.C.
6. Туфли лодочки со змеиным притом - Sam Edelman

7. Футболка с принтом - Etre Cecile
8. Зелёная сумка на поясе - Tory Burch
9. Кожаная ягодная косуха - Mackage