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Saturday, 21 September 2019

Look of the Day: Heritage Check

Jacket - CHICWISH / Trousers - Asos / Top - Asos / Bag - Prada / Shoes - Christian Louboutin / Belt - Gucci

EN: Let's talk about Fast Fashion, Throw Away Fashion, It dresses/bags/shoes.

We like to blame brands with affordable prices for creating a throw away fashion. But the only people to blame is us. We are the ones who are buying them and literally throwing them away after few washes/ wears. Because a button fell off, sticking came undone, it's not on trend anymore, everyone has it and million other silly excuses.

I'm proudly saying that today I'm dressed in mass market and what's most important my clothes top and trousers are about 4 years old. I look after it, I style it in different ways, I wear it. The same is going to happen to this new lovely jacket. It's not very expensive, but it's well made and I know I can make loads of looks out of it.

The same with my accessorise, Prada bag is 7 or 8 years old, perfect Louboutin shoes are about 5 years old. My Gucci belt and Chanel earnings are reasonably new but I already wore them more than 30 times in different variations and I'm going to re-use it for many years to come.

It doesn't matter how much your things cost, just always look after them, repair them rather than throwing them away, find ways to create new looks using your existing wardrobe and mix your new purchases with what you already have.

Heritage Check is trending right now, but it never went out of fashion and never will. It's the base of your smart casual wardrobe.

Here's an example how I re-styled the same trousers. Hopefully I will share more ways how to style my new heritage check jacket. Stay tuned xxx

p.s. I've just noticed I used the same belt everywhere as well

Look of the Day: La Pink Figaro

Dress - CHICWISH / Shoes - Sophia Webster / Bag - Dior

Everybody: Stop being so extra
*finds a pink a car*
*takes a fan out*
*finds a huge balloon with golden tussell*

Oh gosh you should know the story behind these photos.
We've been invited to the End of Summer Party at the fabulous The Lanesborough Hotel. So we slowly woke up, packed our bags, had breakfast and hit the motorway Birmingham - London. At some point I've opened my instagram and found out that the pink 'Le Pink Figaro' car parked outside the Lanesborough fabulous arch way covered in the balloons, flowers and tassels and is staying there ONLY till 2pm.

As you can see - we made it!
Although the car wasn't parked in the middle of the arch way but to the side to free the access to hotel guests.
It was a little bit of a struggle to get the right shot by my Fairy God Mother Nathan has appeared from no where (from inside the hotel where he was working on a photoshoot)  and kindly moved the car to where I wanted it to be AND gave me a huge ballon to mess about. You have no idea how big my smile was and how fast my heart was going.
And this is exactly what FOMO is.

Perfect, just perfect. My Perfect dress and my perfect shoes had a pleasure to be captured by the most perfect car outside the most perfect hotel in London :)

And then we went for lunch, and checked into our hotel, and changed to a different outfit, and went back to The Lanesborough to the BEST Summer Party Ever.

Good times xxx

Look of the Day: Michelin House

Dress - CHICWISH / Bag - Chanel / Shoes - Jimmy Choo

EN: A thousand compliments to this dress! How cool does it look?! On the website it says it's a dress so I wear it as a dress but it looks amazing like a trench coat too! Very versatile and quirky.

I wore it for lunch in the iconic Michelin House, Bibendum. I love how they transformed the ground floor to an oyster bar, very relaxed atmosphere, same great service, high quality food and reasonable prices. You can pop in there for coffee, breakfast or lunch. To be honest I actually chose this spot for lunch because of the flower shop integrated inside the oyster bar. Isn't it a dream setting, coffee, desserts and flowers?

Wouldn't recommend taking photos at the flower shop though :) The least friendly owner I've ever met. I'm still very shy taking photographs in public so I tried to time my lunch towards the late afternoon, when most of the customers have left. I don't like being in people's way or making them feel uncomfortable with my professional camera and posing. But still the owner of the flower shop showed his best that we are not welcome taking photos next to his flowers. Ironically every other bouquet had a tag saying 'please tag us in your photos @XXX'. Sorry, not sorry. Defo not tagging you in any photos (not that he cares) but a big shout out to wonderful staff at the Oyster Bar and compliments to the chef. We are coming back for the best Tsar Cut Smoked Salmon in town xxx

Look of the Day: Ritz

Top - CHICWSH / Trousers - Asos / Shoes - Jimmy Choo / Bag - Chanel

EN: Are you pro or against a dress code? I'm actually supporting the idea of the dress code but sometimes we get caught up in it as well.

Everytime dress code comes up, I think about a situation in Florence. Me and Gareth were celebrating our wedding anniversary in a Michelin Star Restaurant situated in The Four Seasons Hotel. Me and Gareth were obviously dressed very smart, but there were families dressed in shorts, flip flops, wearing baseball hats ... Errrrrmmm I was really confused and I believed they shouldn't be allowed in the restaurant even if they are staying in the hotel. It was just absurd.

Anyway, the other day Gareth couldn't go inside the Ritz because he was wearing trainers. Not sport trainers, but smart trainers by Ralph Lauren. To be honest, Ritz staff was very polite and they even offered him to change shoes! This service is FREE, you just need to leave 20 pounds deposit and they provide you with appropriate smart shoes. We never have cash on us, so it didn't work in our case. But still good to know for the next time we visit. So we've left the Ritz without ANY hard feelings and just walked across to The Wolseley where we had a great time in each others company.

Enough talking about the dress code :) Check out my new crochet top from Chicwish. Love the details and the colour! For some reason recently I wore less skirts and switched to trousers/ culottes ... but I believe I still make it look very feminine :)

Monday, 2 September 2019

Look of the Day: Malta

Dress - CHICWISH / Bag - Michal Kors / Shoes - YSL / Headband - Anthropologie 

EN: I'll be honest, my initial idea was to style this dress with my straw Michael Kors bag and a straw hat. Basically, what I always do for my summer looks. Very safe and very easy and very stylish. The only thing stopped me was my daughter. I've realised that I need a bigger bag my holiday. Because I need to carry a guide book, sun cream, water, snacks, colouring, pencils and God knows what for a holiday with a child :)

Suddenly I realised how great my yellow bag looks with blue, green and burnt orange colours. So all my recent chicwish dresses came on holiday with me and all of them were styled with the same yellow bag but different hair styles and head bands. Do you agree? Yellow looks fantastic with this blue dress?

I should start stopping things easy. All of my recent holidays weren't very productive in terms of work :) Loads of photo opportunities were missed. This trip I only planned to shoot 1 look and this is exactly what I did. I've also planned to finish reading the book and submit some posts for brand approval but that didn't happen. Sun or Aperol Spritz went into my head and my holiday mode switched to a 'full relax'. But summer is over now, so GALINA! GET YOURSELF TOGETHER AND START WORKING. 
(little note to myself)