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Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Family Look: Love letter to Life

Katerina's dress - CHICWISH 
My dress - CHICWISH

EN: We are flying to Malta today. I can't remember being so chilled before the flight. I haven't bought new swimming costumes, outfits, sandals for our holiday ... literally no pressure. We didn't need to wake up crazy early either, our flight is at 4pm in the afternoon. All of us are still in bed, chilling, drinking coffee, reading ... the bags are not packed. I'm tired from the race I just want to enjoy the moment. My plan is to finish writing a new blog post, have a shower myself, wash Katerina, pack our bag (yes, we are taking only 1 big luggage), have lunch and take our transfer to the airport.

The reason I haven't bought anything new for the holiday is because I want to wear my existing things more than 5 times a year. I'm taking these gorgeous dresses, I'm taking the red dress from two posts ago, I'm taking things you already saw at some point but more than likely forgot about them because of the volume of information we re getting every day.

I'm already imagining myself sitting in this stripy dress by the ocean, probably bare foot, with my hair up, feeling salt on my skin and hot sand in between my toes, drinking chilled glass of wine and watching our kids running around. Oh yes, I've said KIDS, we are going to spend time with our beloved friends and their 2 daughters.

We are at this moment in time when we are young and beautiful, have our friendship which is longer than a decade, have our young children with us, have some spare cash to fly across the world from different countries just to spend some time together, sitting on the sandy beach watching the sun going down.

Life, I love you 

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