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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Family Look : Lion King

Katerina is wearing a dress by CHILDREN SALON, shoes by Children's Classic

I am wearing a dress by Karen Millen, shoes by Christian Louboutin

EN: We have come a long way :) Eight years ago I moved to the UK and for the first year me and Gareth were exploring every corner of this beautiful island. The very first show we went to watch together in London was 'The Lion King'. 'Woooooow' I was screaming inside my head, looking at Gareth and enjoying the moment.
I realised that these moments are so precious because I have him to share them with. This is exactly how I want to carry on with my life, sharing and seizing moments with my loved ones.

It was one of my dreams to watch The Lion King with my child. I wanted to see my child's smile and eyes full of pure joy. And I'm grateful that everything came to life just the way I imagined and wished for. To be honest, it got even better! I took my Mum and Katerina to watch the show with me. I felt so privileged to watch the show with my two precious ladies.

The next wish on my list is 'quality time'. It's hard to take the whole day off work, switch off from emails, not answer calls and to just be fully present in the moment. It's a true luxury nowadays. I am still working on it but it would be my ultimate happiness to wake up late, have breakfast together, dress to impress, brush my hair, put some makeup on, drive to a stunning hotel for an early afternoon tea, chat over a cup of tea, walk through the city to the concert venue and simply enjoy each others company.

By the way, how do you like our effort on 'dress to impress'? Katerina is wearing an extremely pretty dress by CHILDREN SALON  and golden pumps by Children's Classic. I want Katerina to believe that there are some moments in life when you need to make an effort. The theatre, a classical music concert and ballet are part of our life but not an every day routine. We should embrace and fully enjoy the experience <3

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