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Friday, 23 August 2019

Family Look: Karl Lagerfeld AW19

Katerina is wearing Karl Lagerfeld Autumn - Winter 19 Collection 

EN: We were so thrilled when Children Salon invited us to work together on the Karl Lagerfeld Campaign AW19 campaign.

Everyone knows Karl - he's a legend, everyone knows his Cat  - Choupette, the most pampered pet, and everyone knows his own fashion line - it's playful and quirky. His new kids collection is everything a child can dream of. Sequins, shiny fabric, imaginative prints. It's so chic that even grown ups want a piece from this collection :)

To celebrate the launch of AW collection me and Katerina had a table booked at Sketch Gallery, famous for its full-on pink interior which is surrounded by 239 paintings of British artist, David Shrigley. Afternoon Tea, caviar boy, cloud-soft pink armchairs and many many little things and surprises which make this place simply unforgettable.

It's not related to the restaurant or Karl, but I was super happy with Katerina's attitude. She was a very polite little girl speaking full sentences. You might think that sounds normal, but sometimes our child behaves in a silly manner when she comes to a new place and she gets very shy when strangers ask her questions, to the point that you can only get one short word out of her. So I'm not exactly sure why it went so smoothly, but I still feel a ticklish happiness inside.

Thank you CHILDREN SALON  for a wonderful opportunity and experience