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Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Family Look: Love letter to Life

Katerina's dress - CHICWISH 
My dress - CHICWISH

EN: We are flying to Malta today. I can't remember being so chilled before the flight. I haven't bought new swimming costumes, outfits, sandals for our holiday ... literally no pressure. We didn't need to wake up crazy early either, our flight is at 4pm in the afternoon. All of us are still in bed, chilling, drinking coffee, reading ... the bags are not packed. I'm tired from the race I just want to enjoy the moment. My plan is to finish writing a new blog post, have a shower myself, wash Katerina, pack our bag (yes, we are taking only 1 big luggage), have lunch and take our transfer to the airport.

The reason I haven't bought anything new for the holiday is because I want to wear my existing things more than 5 times a year. I'm taking these gorgeous dresses, I'm taking the red dress from two posts ago, I'm taking things you already saw at some point but more than likely forgot about them because of the volume of information we re getting every day.

I'm already imagining myself sitting in this stripy dress by the ocean, probably bare foot, with my hair up, feeling salt on my skin and hot sand in between my toes, drinking chilled glass of wine and watching our kids running around. Oh yes, I've said KIDS, we are going to spend time with our beloved friends and their 2 daughters.

We are at this moment in time when we are young and beautiful, have our friendship which is longer than a decade, have our young children with us, have some spare cash to fly across the world from different countries just to spend some time together, sitting on the sandy beach watching the sun going down.

Life, I love you 

Friday, 23 August 2019

Family Look: Karl Lagerfeld AW19

Katerina is wearing Karl Lagerfeld Autumn - Winter 19 Collection 

EN: We were so thrilled when Children Salon invited us to work together on the Karl Lagerfeld Campaign AW19 campaign.

Everyone knows Karl - he's a legend, everyone knows his Cat  - Choupette, the most pampered pet, and everyone knows his own fashion line - it's playful and quirky. His new kids collection is everything a child can dream of. Sequins, shiny fabric, imaginative prints. It's so chic that even grown ups want a piece from this collection :)

To celebrate the launch of AW collection me and Katerina had a table booked at Sketch Gallery, famous for its full-on pink interior which is surrounded by 239 paintings of British artist, David Shrigley. Afternoon Tea, caviar boy, cloud-soft pink armchairs and many many little things and surprises which make this place simply unforgettable.

It's not related to the restaurant or Karl, but I was super happy with Katerina's attitude. She was a very polite little girl speaking full sentences. You might think that sounds normal, but sometimes our child behaves in a silly manner when she comes to a new place and she gets very shy when strangers ask her questions, to the point that you can only get one short word out of her. So I'm not exactly sure why it went so smoothly, but I still feel a ticklish happiness inside.

Thank you CHILDREN SALON  for a wonderful opportunity and experience  

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Look of the Day: Red

Dress - CHICWISH / Shoes - Hobbs / Bag - Michael Kors

EN: Imagine yourself amongst the prettiest streets of Mayfair, surrounded by luxury boutiques, jewellery shops, auction houses ... It could be a little bit overwhelming but I found my personal 'safe place' where prices don't bite :) Sotheby's Auction House has a pretty Gallery 1&2 Coffee Bar where we paid 7.50 pounds for 2 coffees, 1 pastry and 1 juice. Highly recommend this cute place to have a break.

I've got a little bit too excited with my Chicwish dress . We are going to Malta next week and I meant to take this dress with me on holiday. But look how stunning it is! I've styled it with espadrilles and a straw bag to walk around the city. I know it's a perfect holiday look, but with a right makeup it looks lovely in the city too.
But watch out to my insta-stories, this dress is obviously coming with me on holiday :) Can't wait to put my hair up, put on sandals and grab a straw tote! 

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Family Look: New Pink

Me: Shirt & Shorts - CHICWISH / Bag - D&G / Shoes  & Hairband - Asos

Katerina: dress - Amaia Kids / Shoes - Step2wo

EN: The outfit of my dreams :)
I swear the other day I was looking through my wardrobe to choose something to wear to my cinema trip. I had something in mind, like loose, long sleeve, oversized shirt I could wear with shorts. Unfortunately I didn't have anything like it in my wardrobe, most of the things I own are tight and fitted. The very same day I checked chicwish website to see what's new this week and I saw this shirt & shorts in tree colours! OMG! OOOMMMMGGG! Exactly what I was looking for. It was hard to choose but I went for the 'pink' one. When I received it  I loved e v e r i t h i n g about it! The cut, the fit, the style, the fabric the colour. Although I believe the colour on the website looks a little bit different. In reality it's more like pinkish brick colour. Not orange, rust or brown, but soft pink brick colour. Very unique and very flattering.

I also would love to show you how you can wear these pieces separately. I already put this shirt on with loose fit trousers in camel colour and my Gucci belt. It looked amazing, I just need to remember to take photos next time xx 

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Family Look : Lion King

Katerina is wearing a dress by CHILDREN SALON, shoes by Children's Classic

I am wearing a dress by Karen Millen, shoes by Christian Louboutin

EN: We have come a long way :) Eight years ago I moved to the UK and for the first year me and Gareth were exploring every corner of this beautiful island. The very first show we went to watch together in London was 'The Lion King'. 'Woooooow' I was screaming inside my head, looking at Gareth and enjoying the moment.
I realised that these moments are so precious because I have him to share them with. This is exactly how I want to carry on with my life, sharing and seizing moments with my loved ones.

It was one of my dreams to watch The Lion King with my child. I wanted to see my child's smile and eyes full of pure joy. And I'm grateful that everything came to life just the way I imagined and wished for. To be honest, it got even better! I took my Mum and Katerina to watch the show with me. I felt so privileged to watch the show with my two precious ladies.

The next wish on my list is 'quality time'. It's hard to take the whole day off work, switch off from emails, not answer calls and to just be fully present in the moment. It's a true luxury nowadays. I am still working on it but it would be my ultimate happiness to wake up late, have breakfast together, dress to impress, brush my hair, put some makeup on, drive to a stunning hotel for an early afternoon tea, chat over a cup of tea, walk through the city to the concert venue and simply enjoy each others company.

By the way, how do you like our effort on 'dress to impress'? Katerina is wearing an extremely pretty dress by CHILDREN SALON  and golden pumps by Children's Classic. I want Katerina to believe that there are some moments in life when you need to make an effort. The theatre, a classical music concert and ballet are part of our life but not an every day routine. We should embrace and fully enjoy the experience <3