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Monday, 1 July 2019

Look of the Day: Red & White

Top - CHICWISH / Shorts - Reiss / Shoes - Asos / Bag - Dolce & Gabbana

EN: Do I look like a person who enjoys camping? Funny enough Gareth knows that I can easily survive sleeping in a tent but he also knows that I wouldn't do it voluntarily :) I used to work as a tour guide / interpreter and I was charging money to sleep on the floor.

Last Saturday Gareth went camping with Katerina. Not too far, just at the school pitch. The camping event was organised by the parent's association and it actually went pretty well! Katerina really enjoyed running around with her friends till dark, watching the film at the open air and waking up seeing her friends in the morning. It sounded like loads of fun but I've been cheeky and chose comfortable bed over the sleeping bag.

It's ok not to do everything together as a family. The next day Gareth was absolutely shuttered and went to sleep as soon as he got home. So it was my turn to spend fun time with Katya (in a bit more glamorous way though).

And talking about my look of the day. How gorgeous this open shoulder top is!? So simple and so elegant. I'm always happy to show of my collar bones and shoulders (not to the mosquitos camping) xxx

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