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Monday, 22 July 2019

Look of the day: Do it for the Gram

Me: Dress - CHICWISH / Ballet Shoes - Hobbs / Bag - Michael Kors 

Katerina: Dress - Luna Luna / Shoes - Step2wo / Bow - Amaia Kids

EN: Can we talk about disappointment? Gram is always perfect, but how 'perfect' is our way to a 'perfect' snap.
Last year was the first year when Real Flower Confetti Fields were open to a public. And OMG it was phenomenal! Clouds of pink, white, purple, whith flowers were all around you. The flowers were as tall as you, as fluffy as you can imagine, the colour was as vivid as oil paint ... It was a dream come true!

This year the same field was open just for one week. People from all over the country made their way to the middle of nowhere to see ... the green closed flowers. Maybe in two weeks time this place could look like a fairytale, but right now it's just a field full of green plane grass.

I was saving this dress for a magical moment but it just didn't happen. I was a princess without a carriage or a castle. But still a princess though :) No one can take this away from me (just the time of course).

So here we are. Me in my princess dress in the middle of Real Flower Confetti Field missing the confetti flowers. 

The End ... or To be continued? 
Next story is going to be the lavender fields xxx