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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Look of the Day: VIVI

Dress - CHICWISH / Shoes - Office / Bag - Chanel

EN: Living a dream! Just look at this dress (drooling), candy floss cocktail and pink sofas!

The main thing is I spent that day with my darling friend. Without kids and without husbands. All I need is one day with her to feel young, careless, creative, imaginative and alive. Of course I love being part of my family, but before the family I had friends and it's good to enjoy time with them once in a while.

She is celebrating her birthday soon and we are getting another chance to travel to London just 2 of us. Afternoon tea and champaign are already booked. Now just need to sort the outfit out.

p.s. I love how this dress was constructed. As you can see stiching creates a narrow waste and you don't even need a belt for it. But you can also experiment by adding gold, nude or black belt. 

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