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Sunday, 26 May 2019

Look of the Day: Origami

Jumpsuit - CHICWISH / Shoes & Bag - Dolce & Gabbana / Earrings - Ted Baker 

EN: Things are not always the way you see them. Basically we got caught up in the storm, rain, wind and everything you can imagine. My hair is very messy, my makeup needs touching up, my shoes are full of water and we are waiting for a taxi by someone's front porch.

It doesn't necessary mean that I am not showing the full picture, I'm just showing my approach to the situation. We were embracing our time together no matter the weather or any other factors, having a good time in other words.

Shoutout to this amazing jumpsuit! This navy blue is a perfect base colour and it goes so well with so many other shades. This time I jazzed it up with hot pink accessorise, next time I might go with total blue ;)

But it's not the colour what makes this jumpsuit to stand out, it's the details! Does it remind you of an open fan? Beautiful origami detail attracts attention to your waist and open shoulders. I just see myself wearing it a lot, from a casual day out to a special event or fine dining. 

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

SHOPBOP Wishlist

EN: It's this time of year again! Shopbop has an amazing SALE on with designers items being discounted by up to 40% WOOOOOW

RU: Что может быть приятнее распродажи любимых дизайнеров?! На моём любимом сайте Shopbop прямо сейчас проходит распродажа наикрасивейших дизайнерских вещей со скидками до 40% 

1. Круглая сумка с цветочным принтом - Alice McCall
2. Белое платье - крестьянка - Keepsake
3. Розовые сандали на плоской подошве - Sam Edelman

4. Синие круглые серьги с кристаллами - Elizabeth Cole
5. Голубое платье их кружева - Self Portrait 
6. Голубые туфли с бантом - Malone Souliers

7. Босоножки на каблуке из пробки - Sam Edelman
8. Коралловое платье миди - Capulet 
9. Плетёная голубая сумка с морской звездой - Arana

Look of the Day: VIVI

Dress - CHICWISH / Shoes - Office / Bag - Chanel

EN: Living a dream! Just look at this dress (drooling), candy floss cocktail and pink sofas!

The main thing is I spent that day with my darling friend. Without kids and without husbands. All I need is one day with her to feel young, careless, creative, imaginative and alive. Of course I love being part of my family, but before the family I had friends and it's good to enjoy time with them once in a while.

She is celebrating her birthday soon and we are getting another chance to travel to London just 2 of us. Afternoon tea and champaign are already booked. Now just need to sort the outfit out.

p.s. I love how this dress was constructed. As you can see stiching creates a narrow waste and you don't even need a belt for it. But you can also experiment by adding gold, nude or black belt. 

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Look of the Day: Reflection

Dress - CHICWISH / Shoes - Christian Louboutin / Trench - Ted Baker 

EN: Who else is excited for Chelsea Flower Show? I made Gareth to take a day off work. My pretty city London will be covered in blooming flowers and installations. I seriously can't wait.

Meanwhile here, back in Birmingham, I'm thinking about how lucky I am with my friends. The other day me and Yana were travelling to London for a day out. When she picked me up from a train station there was a packed breakfast for me in the car. She knows me so well! Every morning I'm leaving my house in a rush, skipping breakfast and forgetting to charge my phone. This time wasn't exception, I didn't have my breakfast. And my friend's made a sandwich for me so I don't have to starve :)) 

One more fun fact about me & Yana, we are the same size in clothes. So sometimes we exchange dresses. I've told you, I'm lucky with my friends xxx

And please take a minute to appreciate this gorgeous dress. I think it's so Dior! Love the beautiful scallop front and a pretty bow on my waste.