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Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Look of the Day: Notre Dame forever

Dress - CHICWISH / Boots and Blouse- Zara / Bag - Dior

EN: Some days I want to prove everyone's wrong and pink is not the only colour I wear, next day I order a pink dress with a pink bow which is pretty af.

I also felt like writing a post, just to keep myself going. I'm such a sucker who got really upset over 'just a building'. It was absolutely heart breaking watching the spike collapsing and my favourite historical site being on fire. And it all might sound like cliche but I try to find time every year to visit Paris, where I stay in the same district (Latin Quarter) in spit distance from Notre Dame. Because this is where I find myself alive like nowhere else in the world, I have my secret breakfast spots, coffee spots and 'doing nothing' spots with a view of the gothic beauty Notre Dame.
Do you remember the famous line from Casablanca (1942) 'We will always have Paris' ? This is how I felt, I felt like I will always have Paris and my coffee table across the river and a road from Notre Dame. And now I know that nothing is eternal.
And today I would like to salute the brave 400 fire fighters who's done their best to save the heart of Paris.