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Sunday, 3 February 2019

Look of the Day: Red Polka Dot

Dress - Chicwish / Shoes - Sophia Webster / Bag - Dolce Gabbana

EN: Somebody gifted Katerina a kid's make-up kit for her birthday. I really wasn't sure how to take it. That's the moment when I realised how conservative I can be. But ... I as a child would take any opportunity to raid my mum's dressing table. Nothing would be safe with me. Mascara, eye shadow, lipstick - I was obsessed with all those colours and textures! I would spill, break, drop her beauty products by accident and get in trouble every time. You know what? I would rather she gets all the makeup novelty with her makeup kit out the system. So 5 year old with lipstick on is totally normal in our house on Sundays.

The dress is a dream! I'm so taking it to Rome with me! I just see it with white trainers and a white rucksack next to the Coliseum. As you can see - you can dress it up or dress it down :) 

RU: В гардеробе прибавление, еще одно красное платье, которое приобреталось вполне осознанно. К новому году я взяла праздничное Хобс, под которое подойдут только туфли. А это платье весьма универсальное, его можно и в пир и в мир, и с кедами и с туфлями, и с дамскими сумочками и с рюкзаками.


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