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Thursday, 18 July 2019

Look of the Day: Cadbury

Dress - CHICWISH / Shoes - Office / Bag - Dolce & Gabbana / Hair band - Asos 

EN: I wrote about Edgbaston Borough in Birmingham before, what a beautiful place to live in! We live outside the city but Katerina wants a house in Edgbaston lol. I had to delicately tell her, that on our current income we can't afford a house in Edbaston, private school for her and family travel few times a year... but she can defiantly get herself one if she chooses to be a Doctor for example :)

Saying this, this beautiful house belong to the founder of Cadbury chocolate, Mr Richard Cadbury. The house is situated in the heart of Edgbaston and the Chocolate Factory itself is not too far either. I've got to say 'thank you' to English Heritage for creating blue plaque badges. I've learnt a lot by noticing them whilst walking around and then doing my own research.

Whilst Katerina is dreaming about a house in a lavish area of the city, I'm dreaming about our next holiday together. The dreamy dress is already part of the plan by the way ;)

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Look of the Day: V&A

Dress - CHICWISH / Bag - Michael Kors / Shoes - Asos / Hair Band - Asos 

EN: I've recently seen a meme online saying: Today I saw two girl holding their friend's hair back because it was very windy and she was trying to eat a doughnut. I love seeing women support each other.

Ok, let's get this story straight. It was just 2 friends, me and Yana at V&A museum. I was trying to put lipstick on but the wind was blowing my hair all over my face. Yana without asking made a decision to hold my hair back so I can apply my lipstick on without extra hustle :)) True story 

And here I am, with my perfect hot pink lipstick standing in front of the most beautiful flowers. The dress maybe more suited for my Malta holiday but I was too excited to share it with you. It has a beautiful leaf print and it has an intriguing horizontal split at the back. Oh, you are going to see it a lot over the summer!

Monday, 15 July 2019

Look of the day: Ice Cream

Dress - CHICWISH / Shoes - Jimmy Choo / Bag - Chanel / Hairband - Asos

EN: Some days are just truly magical. I've got to admit, sometimes I wish blog was my full time job. Because it looks like I'm very enthusiastic to wake up at 6 am, finish at 11 pm, select and retouch photographs till my eyes close, write till my fingers can't type anymore ... 

So here's is one of those special days. We travelled down to London for a day, enjoyed the breakfast at the Chiltern Fire House. Oh, the french toast with peaches and cinnamon was pure heaven! Followed by the visit to The Wallace Collection and Manolo Blahnik exhibition, stroll through Marylebone and Fitzrovia and a coffee with a view.

My outfit was a perfect reflection of my joyful and dreamy day! This dress from chicwish couldn't be any cuter!  Fabric has a gorgeous interesting pattern and it has sheer ribbons instead of the regular strips. Love love love 

Monday, 1 July 2019

Look of the Day: Red & White

Top - CHICWISH / Shorts - Reiss / Shoes - Asos / Bag - Dolce & Gabbana

EN: Do I look like a person who enjoys camping? Funny enough Gareth knows that I can easily survive sleeping in a tent but he also knows that I wouldn't do it voluntarily :) I used to work as a tour guide / interpreter and I was charging money to sleep on the floor.

Last Saturday Gareth went camping with Katerina. Not too far, just at the school pitch. The camping event was organised by the parent's association and it actually went pretty well! Katerina really enjoyed running around with her friends till dark, watching the film at the open air and waking up seeing her friends in the morning. It sounded like loads of fun but I've been cheeky and chose comfortable bed over the sleeping bag.

It's ok not to do everything together as a family. The next day Gareth was absolutely shuttered and went to sleep as soon as he got home. So it was my turn to spend fun time with Katya (in a bit more glamorous way though).

And talking about my look of the day. How gorgeous this open shoulder top is!? So simple and so elegant. I'm always happy to show of my collar bones and shoulders (not to the mosquitos camping) xxx

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Look of the Day: Wisteria

Dress - CHICWISH / Jacket - Borrowed from a friend / Bag - Dolce & Gabbana / Shoes - FitFlop

EN: So proud of myself :)
For most of the people - driving is a part of life, driving in between cites is a daily routine and motorways are pure joy in the form of speed.

Although I've passed my test nearly 2 years ago, I'm mainly a city driver. Motorways only happen when I want to go to one of the National Trusts. To be honest, my first solo motorway drive didn't go well, I came off at the wrong exit at the 'Spaghetti Junction' and it's still my worst nightmare.

Yesterday I made a decision to drive myself to Bath city, which is situated nearly 2 hours away from where I live. TWO HOURS of driving on the motorway by myself. It might not sound that impressive but it's like an achievement for me. No mistakes, just a smooth drive and BBC radio on.
Ok, one small hiccup did happen. It was parking! I was parking by my friends house on a super narrow street which was very very steep. I had to parallel park my car by reversing uphill in my non- automatic car, holding biting point and all the stress which comes with it. After the first not so perfect attempt I asked one of the residents (who was drinking tea in his kitchen and probably bursting out laughing inside) to park the car for me. It took him 2 attempts to park my car ok-ish on the curb. Phew :) We did our best.

By the way this outfit would be prefect for driving! Comfy shoes, comfy dress and sunglasses. Love love love how this dress looks with denim jacket. It's 'very english' by the way to combine denim jacket with a summer dress ;)

Friday, 14 June 2019

Look of the Day: Sunny London

Jumpsuit - CHICWISH / Shoes - Asos / Bag & Belt - Gucci

EN: Throwback to a sunny day in London :) We were celebrating Yana's Birthday in the capital, enjoying the weather and afternoon tea.

Birthday girl was wearing a gorgeous white dress and I just wanted to match my look with hers. I tried to make it not so obvious, so I went for this white jumpsuit with cute polka dots. Oh I just looooove it so much; open shoulders with elegant frills, perfect length and interesting pattern. Originally I wanted to o for red accessorise (a bag and a belt) but I've changed it last minute to my Gucci duo. This time I just wanted to take a specious bag with me, but just imagine how many colour combos you can do with this jumpsuit!

These pics are really bringing back positive memories! Walking around pretty streets of London with your bestie is priceless <3

Thursday, 13 June 2019

SHOPBOP Wishlist

EN: Shopbop just launched a mega SALE! 
From the 12th to 14th of June you can use code SCORE19 to get an EXTRA 25% OFF!!! Obviously I ordered a dress ;) Can you guess which one?

RU: Только сейчас задумалась, что 6 лет назад я купила себе на распродаже 1 сумку Гучи. А в этом году я накупила себе базовые (но красивые и интересные) вещи из среднего сегмента. Показать?
И, коченчо, на моём любимом сайте Shopbop прихватила себе красивое платье. Ну как удержаться, когда к цене на распродаже можно добавить дополнительные 25% скидки. 
Сегодня (14 Июня последний день) при оформление заказа  можно ввести код SCORE19 

 1. Красная лаковая сумка - Rebecca Minkoff
2. Плиссировано платье - Self Portrait
3. Белые босоножки - Jeffrey Campbell

4. Плетёная молочная сумка - Cult Gaia
5. Платье крестьянка - N12H
6. Сандали на танкетке - Schutz
7. Фиолетовые босоножки - Stella Luna
8. Белое платье с оборками - Milly
9. Фиолетовая сумка с перьями - The Volon

Monday, 10 June 2019

Look of the day: Two in One

Top - CHICWISH / Trousers - Asos / Belt - Gucci / Bag - D&G / Shoes - Asos 

EN: Fashion shouldn't be disposable. In fact, it isn't, but it is the way we treat it. Celebrities don't wear the same outfit twice, we believe we need a new dress for every occasion, paparazzi buzz when our Dutches wears the same coat twice (god forbid if more). Blogs used to be about 'how to style jeans in 10 different ways', nowadays I rarely see bloggers showing the same item twice in a month if ever. I'm not much better, I went down the same road, but I admit we need to bring some changes.

Of course I wear the same outfit/ clothes multiple times, in fact I wear loads of clothes from when I started blogging (2012). Although I don't photograph my looks daily, my instagram stories show me styling the same things in different ways.

If I see a positive feedback I might do this sort of posts more often. So let me introduce you: One Top - Two Looks.

The top is an absolute darling. It's white, it's crochet, it has puffer sleeves. You are going to see me wearing it a lot! 

Sunday, 2 June 2019

Look of the day: Chelsea Flower Show 2019

Dress - CHICWISH / Bag - Dolce & Gabbana / Shoes - Office 

EN: Funny fact. This dress meant to come to Rome with us but ... I forgot to pack the whole pile of clothes. Seriously! Gareth mention to me whilst packing that it seems like I don't have much clothes in the suitcase. And I reassured him that I've been very sensible and didn't want to pack unnecessary clothes. Well ... I forgot to pack the whole pile as I mentioned earlier :) 

I got this dress to shine on another occasion - Chelsea in Bloom. I'm always looking forward this week in Spring. To be honest, I've never been to Chelsea Flower show itself because tickets sell out way to quick. But more important, I enjoy just walking around Chelsea, Belgravia and Mayfair so much that I can't possible handle any more flowers :)

This year's theme was "Under the Sea". Of course it wasn't just about the beauty of the ocean and it's residents, but mainly about plastic pollution of the ocean.
Since this new year I am trying to do my part, by cutting down on single use plastic. The first steps were buying a reusable water bottle and a coffee cup. Second step was - shopping more consciously and never ever go to any shops without my own canvas bag, avoiding any plastic bags whilst packing the shopping.

Look of the day: Rome

Dress - CHICWISH / Bag - Dolce & Gabbana / Shoes - Hobbs

EN: We've visited Italy so many times, exploring it from the fashion capital - Milan to the sinking city - Venice, across the lakes and Tuscany valleys ... But for some reason Rome was never on our list. This spring we finally made a plan to say hello to the capital.
Italy has a very special place in my heart, and Rome did not disappoint. From the first to the last day it was spoiling us with amazing surprises. I felt so happy being there that I was smiling non stop. The prices were not as bad as we were warned, people were very friendly, the city was very clean, tourists weren't in my way ... basically there wasn't anything wrong with the city it was just melting my heart with its beauty and history.

And here's the dress I chose for one of the days. It's a maxi dress with a very deep 'v neck'. I feel like Rome deserved something grand but effortless at the same time. And this stunning floral dress just did what it had to.

Sunday, 26 May 2019

Look of the Day: Origami

Jumpsuit - CHICWISH / Shoes & Bag - Dolce & Gabbana / Earrings - Ted Baker 

EN: Things are not always the way you see them. Basically we got caught up in the storm, rain, wind and everything you can imagine. My hair is very messy, my makeup needs touching up, my shoes are full of water and we are waiting for a taxi by someone's front porch.

It doesn't necessary mean that I am not showing the full picture, I'm just showing my approach to the situation. We were embracing our time together no matter the weather or any other factors, having a good time in other words.

Shoutout to this amazing jumpsuit! This navy blue is a perfect base colour and it goes so well with so many other shades. This time I jazzed it up with hot pink accessorise, next time I might go with total blue ;)

But it's not the colour what makes this jumpsuit to stand out, it's the details! Does it remind you of an open fan? Beautiful origami detail attracts attention to your waist and open shoulders. I just see myself wearing it a lot, from a casual day out to a special event or fine dining.