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Sunday, 1 December 2019

Look of the Day: Night Sky

Dress - CHICWISH / Shoes - Karen Millen / Belt - Asos

EN: The best weekend of the year :) Maybe I'm exaggerating right now but it was pretty sweet! I was off work for the start, meaning I don't need to put up with 'Black Friday' crowds. And I got to do so many amazing things! I visited Laurent London Atelier to discover how the bags get crafted, we attended an event for Katerina and I had a private fragrance consultation at Creed Fragrances. But most important - I was surrounded by the best people! Only people can make all these experiences special, pleasant, fun, memorable.

Oh, and happy First of December! It's officially winter and now it's really (reaaaaly) time to get ready for Christmas. I've realised that Christmas became more meaningful since we go Katerina. Now I just everything festive and I really enjoy decorating everything around me.

Choosing Christmas outfits is just as exciting! This dress is one of my biggest crushes! It's very feminine (just how I like it), it has some frills and beautiful décolleté, and beautiful stars twinkling all over it.  

Saturday, 30 November 2019

Look of the Day: Make it Tiffany

Top & Skirt - CHICWISH / Shoes - Sophia Webster / Bag - YSL 

EN: Baby it's cold outside, but make it Tiffany. Just one night ago I was watching stories on Instagram about Tiffany opening a magical ice skating rink at Covent Garden. The next day we were in London enjoying it in person.
Me and Katerina had a very exciting event in the afternoon, so the morning was free for meandering around festive London.

It was pretty special to be the first people in Covent Garden that early morning. Hustle free and crowd free - bliss! We had warm pastries and hot coffee at the Ivy overlooking the tallest Christmas tree in London, walked around Tiffany pop-up shop and played with artificial snow.

We carried on to New Bond street and magnificent Fortnum & Mason for more Christmas delights. Interestingly every place we visited was in turquoise colour :)

And getting to the most popular question on my Instagram stories - my top and skirt are from CHICWISH. It's truly soft, comfortable, warm and stylish outfit. They do it in few different colours, so make sure to check it out xx

In Bed with Ted

 In Bed with Ted

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

It's such a wonderful feeling when you love Ted and he loves you back. I've received a beautiful early Christmas present - "Ted's Sleep" hamper accompanied by a bouquet of fresh flowers.

December is a mad month for everyone. We are trying to meet all the deadlines at work, go to every christmas play, christmas fair, tree lighting, work party ... But what a joy it is to slow down! Me and Gareth took a day off, unboxed my luxury hamper, changed the flowers, put on fresh bed linen and lit the candle to bring a delicate scent to the house.

It goes without saying that I am so pleased with my new bedroom addition and that I don't really want to get out of bed :) Maybe some extra sleep and rest is not a bad idea anyway.

I hope you found some inspiration for yourself or for your loved ones. If you've ever got anything from Ted before you know his attention to details. It's impeccable! Which makes anything from Ted - a playful and thoughtful present.

Saying this, I'm heading to to order something for Gareth whilst a generous promotion is on. Soon you'll discover what Gareth is going to get underneath our Christmas tree.


Click on the image to visit Ted Baker page

Monday, 25 November 2019

SHOPBOP Wishlist December

EN: Festive season is upon us and Black Friday Sale is just what I need before Christmas :) It's perfect time to buy your 'going out' outfits and Christmas presents! To be honest, this is exactly what I did. I stocked up on everything for my friends and family and now it's time to get something special for myself. Every month I'm telling myself that 'this wishlist'  is my favourite so far but this month 'O M G' is my definatly my favourite by miles! So feminine, so elegant, so unique! 

RU: Чёрная пятница уверенно шагает по миру. Придумали eё американцы перед Днём Благодарения, но другие страны быстренько подхватили скидки. Так что где бы вы не находились, воспользуйтесь этим маркетинговым ходом. Подарки то и наряды перед Новым Годом всё равно покупать, почему бы не купить их со скидками? 

ШопБоп сделал шикарные скидки от 15%, чем больше сумма заказа, тем больше скидка!

Thursday, 21 November 2019

Look of the Day: Nutcracker

Jacket - CHICWISH / Dress - Warehouse / Shoes - Karen Millen / Bag - YSL 

EN: It's pretty hard to forget this day :) All I wanted to do is to be on time in my tight by possible schedule. This photo was taken just before the makeup event in Birmingham. Two hours later I meant to be on the train travelling down  to London to attend two more events but everything went a little bit out of control because my train was delayed. Badly delayed. So delayed that the next 3 train were cancelled all together. Anyyyywayyy I made to my other events but the main problem occurred when I was travelling back. My rail card wouldn't load due to a poor 3G signal and I wasn't allowed on the train and forced to buy a new ticket to a next train. Only for me to go back to the ticket office 10 mins later to ask for a refund because my railcard finally loaded. There were tears, loads of tears. I was tired, it was late, I just wanted to get home. But the mood swung when I looked in the mirror, my makeup was intact :) Although I cried a lot, my mascara and eye liner didn't show a sign of tear!

It's not a valuable lesson, I just wanted to say that not everything depends on you. Doesn't matter how good the plan looks in your head - be prepared to adjust it.

And on a positive note, it's good to look good! Despite the early alarm and a long day ahead I went for a full on glam look. Lovely jacket with pearl buttons, mini dress and tall sued boots. 

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Look of the Day: LV

Skirt  - CHICWISH / Top - CHICWISH / Shoes - Manolo Blahnik 

EN: I wanted to start writing about how 2019 went. And my first thought was that it wasn't my year, it wasn't great. Than I looked through my Instagram and realised how wrong I was. It was epic! I've traveled more than I originally planned, visiting Berlin and Barcelona. Me and Katerina have significantly improved our relationship by spending more quality time together and working less. Me and Gareth went out more like a couple to the coolest places in town, I've secured long term partnership with my favourite brands and got approached by the brands I never dreamt about. This year had loads of ups and downs but woooooaaaaah the UPS were BIG!

I think I gave this year my 100% and it gave me back even more. And just to say how much I love this year, I've decided to put a Christmas tree extra early :) Like this week! I just loooove this festive season, decorating the house, buying presents, staying at home with fairy lights on, going out wearing all sparkly ... 

Also, how do you like my skirt?! Midi skirt is my love forever. This skirt got it all, warm fabric, pleasant colour, right fit, structure  and length. 

Saturday, 2 November 2019

Family Look: Langham Afternoon Tea

Me: Dress - Hobbs / Shoes - Casadei / Bag - Prada

EN: Half Term holiday nearly came to an end. We had our ups and down but I hope Katerina had fabulous time. We've started her holiday with a real treat - Children Afternoon Tea with Daunt Books at the Langham Hotel, London. 

"We have a partnered with Daunt Books, meaning little literary lovers can select their own new book from a specially curated library before they embark on tasty treats. Specially conceived for creative young minds, our tea is interactive; the first course is made up of savoury jigsaw puzzle sandwiches. This is swiftly followed by some mouth-watering sweet treats.

Needless to say, adult companions are well catered for too; they can enjoy The Langham’s contemporary take on afternoon tea, SeasonaliTea, which uses the finest ingredients to create the tastiest savouries and most delicious patisserie, and is served with an award-winning tea service.

Children’s Afternoon Tea with Daunt Books is available every day from 12:00 noon until 5:30 pm and costs £29.50 per child, while adults’ afternoon tea costs £62.00 per person."
 It's a fantastic way to enjoy your family time. To be honest, it nearly brings tears to my eyes to see how much Katerina gets excited when it comes to choosing a new book to read. We were lucky enough to attend Langham's afternoon tea accompanied with Author reading his new book AND drawing illustrations from his recent book. It's an amazing experience! Keep an eye open, Langham normally runs 'reading with an Author' on the first day of school holidays. But of course you can enjoy children afternoon tea all year around :)

It's also pretty amazing to have a chance to dress up with your child. Today Katerina is wearing wallies and waterproof coat to explore our Botanical Garden, but on Monday she was a true Princess wearing the most exquisite dress by Eirine. Oh you should've seen Katerina's face when she saw it for the first time! RAINBOW! It's defiantly really colourful and the colours are really reach and deep, so perfect for autumn and winter moths <3

One happy girl and one happy Mummy!

Big Thank You to Langham for inviting us to experience Children Afternoon Tea.
And Big Thank You to Children Salon and Eirene for Katerina's outfit. 

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Look of the Day: Polka Dot

Skirt - CHICWISH / Corset - Karen Millen / Jacket - Shopbop / Shoes - Christian Louboutin / Bag - Chanel 

EN: My favourite compliment isn't related to my face, it's about the softness of my hands. I think it comes from my childhood when I was closing my eyes and my mum was stroking my face and hair. I swear it's the best feeling in the world - feeling mum's soft hands. And this is exactly what I want Katerina to remember about me, the softness of my hands. It's actually not very difficult to achieve. Use the gloves when you are washing up dishes or ask your husband to do it instead, keep a good level of hydration and always use hand cream. I always use all sorts of body oils after having a shower, I apply it first and last thing of the day, I also always cary a small cream tab so I can use it during the day. It's my obsession but it's not a bad one.
And all of the above was to remind you that your legs are just as important as your hands. Lotions, creams and oils is a must! I think you will agree that it's an important component of a good looking lady.

In-between cream applications I enjoy the last warm days in the UK. Next time I'm going to wear boots instead of my favourite court shoes. I know that this elegant skirt is going to look fabulous with sweaters and tall boots and it's going to be a lovely addition to all my autumn, winter, spring and summer looks :)) Very versatile, like a fashion chameleon!

Look of the Day: Minimalism or Not

Dress - CHICWISH / Shoes - Christian Louboutin / Scarf - Versace / Bag - Chanel

EN: I've watched a short documentary on Netflix called "Minimalist'. I am not to be called one and I the main characters in this documentary weren't very charismatic or convincing but I still found it really interesting. The main idea of this documentary was to point out that we can't stop buying things, we buy at least 1 fashion item a week and our houses turn into dumpsters. And the main problem is we don't experience joy when we get what we thought we wanted.

I really get it, I work in retail and sometimes I want to reject selling things to certain people. I don't want to sell things to them because they don't take time to think, they are in a rush and they don't enjoy the process of choosing and the result of getting the item.

I am not against buying things we want (not the things we need), but we should make the most out of it. Don't buy something if you don't know what to wear it with, don't buy something you can only wear once, don't buy something of poor quality. Invest in something what compliments and brings something different to your wardrobe, buy something you can style few different ways for different occasions, buy something what's going to last and mainly look after it! Buy something what makes you happy and excited!

I love getting a new knit dress every season. Something you can wear with court shoes and tall boots, something soft and warm, something timeless but with a twist. This dress from Chicwish has it all. If you watch my stories on Instagram, you saw how well it goes with my tall nude boots. Bring it all autumn! 

Shopbop Wishlist, November

EN: Today I'd love to start my Shopbop Wishlist a little bit different. I've noticed that some people who try really hard to look their best in public have very messy rooms, worn out underwear and chaos in personal hygiene shelves. But I'm not here to judge, I just want to remind you that self love is very important and it's also very important the way you treat yourself when no one can see you, at home. That is why the first 3 items I would like to share you are made for you feeling your best at home.

P.S. I was checking 'new in' in Shopbop and I found MY reusable coffee cup! At the start of this year I promised myself not to use take away cups in coffee shops. So I've done my research and this is the exact cup I'm using since January this year.

RU: Занимательная несостыковка. Я неоднократно замечала, что люди, которые стараются выглядеть на 100% в обществе, часто живут в полном бардаке, их нижнее белье весьма заношено, а на полках со средствами личной гигиены полный хаос. Но я ведь здесь пишу ни ради осуждения, а лишь хочу напомнить на сколько важна любовь к себе. А любовь к себе начинается дома, в месте, где вас никто не видит, где вы наедине с собой. Поэтому свою подборку вещей я начала с домашних приятностей.

A ещё я очень хочу поделиться с вами моим стаканом для кофе. Вместо того что бы брать одноразовый стаканчик в кофейне, я всегда ношу с собой многоразовый стакан для кофе. Своим я пользуюсь с начала этого года, и вот точно такой же стакан можно заказать на сайте ШопБоп

1. Розовая шёлковая маска для сна - Slip
2. Комбинация из шёлка - Only Hearts
3. Валик из розового кварца - Kitsch 

4. Мини сумка цвета слоновой кости - Marc Jacobs
5. Платье - рубашка с запахом - Off White
6. Кожаные туфли без задников - Jaggar

7. Серьги гвоздики в форме сердца - BaubleBar
8. Изумрудное платье - Reformation 
9. Золотые туфли с узлом - Loeffler Randall