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Thursday, 13 December 2018

Look of the Day: Snow

Mama: Coat - CHICWISH / Boots - Karen Millen / Bag - YSL
Daughter: Coat - CHICWISH / Skirt - CHICWISH/ Boots - Age of Innocence 

EN: Dec 14?! What?! Please tell me you are as shocked as I am. I have no idea where the time went. I just need some time off to wrap all my presents for all my lovely friends and family! I've also being planning to prank my bestie with her Christmas presents, I can't tell you my plan but I can't wait to see her face haha

And how do you like our backdrop with fake snow? :) Second thing I find hard to believe - we had so much snow a year today! All the schools were closed, we were just playing in the snow all day and it felt so much like Christmas!  One thing stayed the same though - it's freezing! 

RU: Абсолютно не понимаю куда уходит время :) Но могу себя заверить, что оно проходит ярко, бурно и весело! На календаре уже 14-ое число, пора завернуть подарки в праздничную бумагу с золотыми бантами!


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