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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Asian Bridal Makeup Tutorial (Part II + VIDEO)

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Hello again! Here is the second makeup tutorial for Asian bridal style. 
1. I (Sabina) started with the hairstyle. Separate the hair from ear to ear and move the front hair forward. 
2. To achieve volume I used a hair cushion - attach it at the top of the head. 
3. Use you natural hair to hide the hair cushion and fix it at the back of your head. 
4. Create 2 braids and fix them across the top of the head.
5. Now for the makeup. Apply a makeup base for the start. Attach makeup tape before applying eyeshadow. 
6. Shape your eyebrows using pencil or special eyebrow shadow.  
7. Apply white shadow all over your upper eyelid. Apply brown eyeshadow as shown on the photo. 

8. Apply gold eyeshadow to the inner corner of your upper eyelid. Apply mascara to your eyelashes or use false eyelashes.

9. Use black pencil or eyeliner to highlight your upper and lower eyelids. Then use white pencil underneath your eyebrows and in the outer corner of your eyes.
10. Apply makeup foundation according to your skin tone. 
11. Use blusher on your cheeks. 

12. Apply bright lipstick on your lips.

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Hair and Makeup Artist- Sabina Yunusova
Photographer- Alexandra Belova- Polyak
Model- Galina Thomas


  1. Какие же красочные фото получились!!!

  2. замечательно!

  3. Галь, великолепно, чудесно, замечательно, превосходно, шикарно, сногсшибательно...все, эпитеты закончились...))) Обнимашки, Марина

  4. Невероятно красивый образ получился!!!

    1. Спасибо. Сабина-мастер своего дела, а Александра своего :)

  5. очень красивый макияж!

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